Testimonials about the documentary


Mary Rose Pendleton

“I watched the movie tonight. I’m speechless! It’s perfect, absolutely perfect. I have so many thoughts and emotions floating through my mind. You are so talented, you should be proud!
To the Seawolves and all of the legacy squadrons and all veterans— thank you! What you did mattered, you matter, and I want you to stand tall. Thank you for your service. Thank you Dad for teaching me to love our flag and our country. I love you all!” – Mary Rose Pendleton

Tim Hodges

Shannon I served in Vietnam in 1970-1971. I had only heard of the Seawolves. I had no idea where they were or how they were deployed in Vietnam. This documentary opened my eyes to some of the amazing accomplishments of this organization. Very enlightening and very well done. I have watched many documentaries about Vietnam over the years. This is one of the very best.Tim Hodges

Sean Walters

This is the true American Spirit of brotherhood. Fighting for a common good for all. One Nation under God. Seems to be lost right now in America IF you listen to media. In our constitution it states our rights come from God, not ourselves.
My dad stated it well on the back of the CD cover: “we made it our mission to never have to tell another American mother that her son wasn’t coming home”
These men risked their lives so that others might live.
John 15:13 says it best, and this is what these men did. God Bless the Seawolves – Sean Walters

There really aren’t words in the English language that express gratitude for what you have accomplished. I’m sure all those Seawolves agree with me. It’s your heart that brought this to light and it’s all our hearts that send our thankfulness and love for what you’ve brought forth. This is love. It’s an action. It’s what you’ve done for a group of men you didn’t know except by a relation. And for that matter, me either! Dad was my dad but heart just explodes for these brave warriors, men! Some of them so young! May God continue to shine on you both. That none of these men died or die thinking what they did was in vein like today’s world might have us think. Thank you!❤️ - Sean Walters

Ralph Christoper

“Wow Coach, Just watched Scramble the Seawolves online and was completely blown away.  It is the best DOC of Nam I have seen.  You have honored all Nam Vets in such a way that many will be talking of this for years to come and I believe it will help America understand us and help in the healing of our wounds.  You and your wife deserve an award for this film and the thanks from all Vets.  Thank you for including me.  We will forever be in your debt. Praise is hardly enough.” – Ralph Christoper

Jim Plona

Good day!  My Blu Ray arrived yesterday, and I viewed it last night.  WHAT A GREAT JOB!  High quality video, accurate and professional.  You can be proud.


Jim Plona

Bonnie Waluda

I wanted to share something with you on the Midway but I was too emotional. So here goes. I’ve been married to Barry for 49 years and it wasn’t until this film that I learned the full story of how he received his silver star. Jim Walker and Barry were best friends until Jim passed away and they would never share their story. Just before Jim passed, Barry shared some details to Jim’s daughters and his son, but not as much as we recently learned. THANK YOU so much for giving this gift of their experience, in their own words, to our daughters and grandchildren. It means the world to me. pastedGraphic_1.png Bonnie Waluda