Best documentary

Winner San Diego Film Awards

SCRAMBLE THE SEAWOLVES won Best Feature Documentary at the 2019 San Diego Film Awards.

Best Vietnam documentary

Audience Choice Award

SCRAMBLE THE SEAWOLVES Also won the Audience Choice Award at the 2019 San Diego Film Awards

best war documentary

Premiere night

1,100 people were at our premiere night on the USS. Midway in San Diego 

Arballo Entertainment presents Scramble the Seawolves, the captivating, true stories as told by the men that lived them. Narrated by MIKE ROWE (Dirty Jobs,Deadliest Catch) Scramble the Seawolves is the little-known story of the US Navy's first and only dedicated attack helicopter gunship squadron. Established in 1967 in support of Gamewarden Operations in the Mekong Delta, Republic of Vietnam. The establishment of the Helicopter Attack (LIGHT) Squadron THREE Seawolves, also known as HA(L)-3, would mark an unprecedented chapter in Naval Aviation History. Approximately 2,556 men; Maintainers, Personnel, Gunners and Pilots, VOLUNTEERED for duty. With hand-me-down huey's and the spirit of ingenuity, courage and resolve, the Seawolves became the most decorated squadron in the Vietnam War and in Naval Aviation History.


Scramble the Seawolves a must see

Scramble the Seawolves a must see

Financial Contributors to SCRAMBLE THE SEAWOLVES

Jack Adams James Armstead George Baland

Victor Beck

William Bennett

Bob Bliesner

Alexander Brazalovich

Rayma Byrd Russell Carter Samuel Ciccosillo Arminda Cockett John Cook

Gary Crest

Alan Dahl Kenneth Doll Larry Farrell David Fischbein Jim Fuller

William George Brinda Gomez Charles Hall John Harrington Robert Hicks Richard Hodge Daniel Johnson Barbara Kalina Randy Kopecky

Evelyn Laxton Gary List

Dennis Aiken Dan Arnes Diana Banbury

Dennis Behm Richard Beskosty Sheryll Boatright Morgan Brooks

Jim Caldwell Christine Caughran Arthur Clark Charlie Collins
Jon Cook
Bill Crist

Kenneth Dessert Steve Donnell Robert Farrell Chris Flannery

Gamewardens Association

Roger Georges Clarence Green Thomas Halwachs Dan Hatton Thurman Hicks William Hornbaker David Johnson Patrick Keeley Eugene Lacaillade

Ray Lazo Jr. Henry Livingstone

Alice Allie Diana Baeza

Steve & Linda Baptista

Steven Behm William Bickenback Kerry Boesen
Mitch Brown

Mary Cannon

Clyde Christensen

Ernie Clark

Linda Combs

Leroy Cook

Joe & Jeannie Crutcher

Michelle DeWitt Robert Duff David Fauver Robert Fortner Danira Garay

Edward Giannelli James Grierson Robert Hamley Roger Heider Dan Higgins Daniel Huckabay Karl Johnson Bryan Kelly Wesley Lamb

George & Marie Leduc

Mike Locke

John Andres Robert Baker Calvin Beach

Rod Bender Alan Billings Bruce Boissey Anthony Bucci

James Carmichael Robert Christenson John Clark
Paul Conk

Robert Cooper Kendall Curtis

Jan Dial
Amber Dunford William Fellner Douglas Foster Jeffrey Gasper

Gary Glashauser Daniel Gunderson Melvin Harder Jerry Hendrix Al Henry Brenda Hittmeier Bob Huecker Craig Jones

Larry Kier

Jacquelyn Lamoureux

Walter Lester Valerie Lopez

Paul Andrus Dave Baland Bruce Beavers

Bill Benedict George Blackwell Dale Bradford Mike Burns

Liz Carter
James Church Roland Clatterbuck Michael Connelly Dennis Crabtree Matthew Cushing

Mike Dobson
Gary & Barbara Ely John Ferguson Andrea Freeman Norman Geist

Robert Goddard Debra Hale Dale Hardie Gary Henning Hal Hobbs Alfred Johnson Lee Jordan Clyde Kizer Marie Lawrence

Randall Lindberg Mike Louy

Kenneth Lowe Mike Madrid Ernest Martinez

Michael McPike Rick Meussner John Moore Bruce Mueller

Gary Nelson Robert Nunes Norman Olson Charisse Pasche John Perry Michael Petersen Thomas Phillips

Terrance Purington

Mike Retz

William Roop

Rene Ruiz

Joe Sanzo

Larry Sherrill

Robert Showalter

Mike and Karen Snyder

Michael Stock Greg Sullivan Carl Swepston James Toone Melanie Vasseur

Paul Watters

Kend Lund Louis Maire Richard Martinez

Allen Mears Everett Miller Jessica Moreno Bill Mulcahy

Gilbert Nelson Donald Oconnell John Orth
Eddie Patten Kacie Perry

Carl Peterson James Plona

Brian Reardon (Auxiliary Channel)

Mark Reyna Stacy Rowbal Dennis Russell Art Schmitt Henry Shieb Romi Simmons Fred Sollberger

Danny stokes Bill Summers Tad Sylivant Matthew Traskos Jon Walker

Bruce Watts

John Lynn
Brian Mallon Anthony Masslofsky

John Medina Nicholas Miller Donald Morgan Brian Mullen

Lawrence Nelson John O'Connor Robin Osborne Sarah Pearce Marianne Perry Gary Peterson Lawrence Poh

Maynard Reed

Malcolm Roberts Dennis Rowley Kimberly Samar William Scott Johnny Shields David Smale Mike Stasica

Guy Stout
Billy Summers Russell Sylvester Robert Turunen James Walters

Jeffrey Wells

Timothy Lynn Terry Maples Wendell Maxwell

Mel Medrano Terry Mize Rodney Morgan Brian Munger

William Newcomb Dale Odom Arlene Pacheco Cliff Perrin Rosanne Perry Gordon Peterson Robert Pothier

Ian Refro

Larry Rogers Dale Rugala Francis Samel Dennis Scully Jim Shine Dan Smiley Morris Steen

Robert Sugg

Zachary Summy

Peter Tabachki

Michael Vanderford

Barry & Bonnie Waluda

Bill Wesely

Monica Machado Robert Marquez

Doreen McCracken- Holm

Ralph Meunier Pamela Molthen Frederick Morrison

Naval Helicopter Association Historical Society

Lucy Nord

Regina Olivas

Gene Parejko

Janine Perry

Mike Petersen

Tim Pfahler

Vince Przybyszewski

Fred Reina

Robert Romanelli

Joseph Ruiz

Larry Sanders

Larry See

Norman Shinkoethe

Benjamin Smith

Victor & Mary Stewart

Michael Suldo Sue Swenson Douglas Taylor Margaret Varner Leslie Wantz

Fr. Lester Westling Jr.

Alan White Leo Willetts Jack Williamson Michael Woodward Mike Worthington Douglas Wozniak Dixie Wyborney Richard Young

About the Film


Seawolves Reunion the most decorated squadron in Naval Aviation history

 A little over 4 years ago, we at Arballo Entertainment embarked on a very special mission as we began production on Scramble the Seawolves at the Seawolf Reunion, Dallas TX 2014.  It didn’t take us long before we felt the overwhelming sense of pride and responsibility in bringing the captivating story of the HA(L)-3 Navy Seawolves to life!  We had always hoped that this film would have a meaningful impact on the men of HA(L)-3 and their families.  Little did we know, however, just how much our lives would be changed simply by having the opportunity to learn of their story and develop friendships that will last our lifetime. 

Over 80% of the film and pictures used are all ORIGINAL Seawolf footage, converted and contributed for Scramble the Seawolves. With over 300 individual financial contributors through two Indiegogo Campaigns, contributions through our Fiscal Sponsor and a whole lot of prayer and encouragement along the way, we accomplished our mission and have completed a beautiful, emotional film that tells the story of a special group of American Heroes that very few know exist. 

“Just received my copy of "Scramble the Seawolves". Excellent tribute to all of our brothers! Hats off to Arballo Entertainment!”

Director & Producer


Director Jeff Arballo has worked in the film, TV, Video production and  Webcast production for over 20 years. Jeff Was also, a former Athletic Director, Teacher and coach. Jeff Spent many years in the sports action world, shooting surf and skateboard documentaries either as a director or camera on projecst and both directed and shot camera for live webcast events. Scramble the Seawolves was a project I Knew My wife and I needed to do to tell the story of the most decorated squadron in Naval Aviation History and of the Vietnam war. 

 Shannon Arballo, This was Shannons first time producing. with almost no knowledge of producing a documentary Shannon quickly took some guidance from Jeff and truly began to come into her own, taking the skills and talents she used as a former college enrollment advisor and crafting her own style of producing and going beyond the normal roll. Shannon can now produce any film or documentary she is called to task for.  

Coming Soon!

Arballo Entertainment the best production company

Scramble the Seawolves was picked up for national distribution and will be aired across the nation on PBS stations. Dates and airtime will be coming soon.  We have several screenings happening around the country so stay tuned. 


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If you have a question or comment drop us a line. If you have a screening you would like to do please contact us directly 


1296 Avenida Fragata, San Marcos, California 92069, United States

(760) 809-4558

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